Fishermen of Mother Earth - Warli Tribal Painting (Hand-Painted)

Fishermen of Mother Earth - Warli Tribal Painting (Hand-Painted)

Hand Crafted
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3% of your purchase value makes a huge difference to the artisan who makes less than $2 a day.

About The Artisan

Shri Ganesh Mahade Vanghad is a 40 year old artist from the outskirts of Maharasthra, India in a small village called Ganjad, in the district of Dahnu (Tehsil). Shri has 1 daughter aged 11 and 2 sons aged 6 and 8. His biggest challenge is finding a market to sell his paintings. Due to lack of access, illiteracy of technology and severe selling complications due to Covid, Shri has been struggling to make ends meet.

His dream is for his children to learn the art of the Warli so that they may carry on the tradition. He wishes for their education and for a job that will allow them to have comfortable happy lives, and Gaia Amore has committed to helping Shri's dream come true for his children, so that they may be the next generation of artists capturing the life of the Warli tribe walking among modern society.

Warli Art History

In the form of tribal folk style paintings, the tradition of Warli art, dating back to 3000 B.C. is believed to be one of the oldest art forms in history. An art form unique to the Warli tribes located on the outskirts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, the largest of the tribes in India today, focuses on their connection to Mother nature, flora, fauna and the natural elements. Traditionally painted by women but now mainly by men, capture their everyday lives as farmers. Where the paintings are traditionally painted on their hut walls, as means to tell social stories and communicate information to those unable to understand the written word.

Paintings are typically created using basic geometric shapes where circles typically represent the sun and the moon, triangles represent people, trees and mountains and so on. Traditionally painted on mud, charcoal and cow dung treated surfaces with ground rice paste to create the white painting medium. Therefore, Warli paintings have remained typically brown and red even while painted on canvas.

Product Details

This limited edition painting, of which there are only 2 available is painted by our Warli tribal artisan, Shri Ganesh Mahade Vanghad (40), in the Village-Ganjad, Tehsil-Dahanu, District Palghar in Maharashtra, India.

  • Material: Cotton canvas 
  • Paint: Rice flour and water with gum as a binder
  • Base Color: Brown
  • Tools: Bamboo paint brush
  • Measurements: 33" (w) 36" (h) 

This Warli scene depicts many fishermen working together to get their abundant catch. The rivers provide plentiful bounty, and reminds us to conserve the bounties of mother earth.

Please note that all orders have a 4-week lead time as they are currently being packaged in India for shipment to the United States. We will keep you abreast of all developments of your order so that you are confident in your purchase with Gaia Amore. 

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