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In the form of tribal folk style paintings, the tradition of Warli art, dating back to 3000 B.C. is believed to be one of the oldest art forms in history. An art form unique to the Warli tribes located on the outskirts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, the largest of the tribes in India today, focuses on their connection to Mother nature, flora, fauna, and the natural elements. Traditionally painted by women but now mainly by men, capture their everyday lives as farmers. Where the paintings are traditionally painted on their hut walls, as means to tell social stories and communicate information to those unable to understand the written word.
Paintings are typically created using basic geometric shapes where circles typically represent the sun and the moon, triangles represent people, trees and mountains, and so on. Traditionally painted on mud, charcoal, and cow dung treated surfaces with ground rice paste to create the white painting medium. Therefore, Warli paintings have remained typically brown and red even while painted on canvas.

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Hand Crafted
Tarpa Dance - Warli Tribal Painting (Hand-Painted)
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Tarpa Dance - Warli Tribal Painting (Hand-Painted)