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About Gaia Amore

Gaia Amore is a passion project at its core. A mission based on impacting artisans and patrons alike. We’re building a global community of empathetic consumers who value handcrafted, limited edition, luxurious pieces of art steeped in history and tradition. Allowing our patrons to make genuine connections to artisans whose many generations of knowledge and skills are passed down through stories and verbal education.
We help our patrons adorn themselves and their homes with products that express who they are at their core and that amplify their natural beauty while adding value to their lives. We are changing how you as a patron make conscious decisions about the luxury products you buy. Making long term investments into high-quality limited-edition products.
Our mission to help the artisans is fueled by the 3% of every purchase you make, that we give back to the artisan(s) that made your product. We work closely with our brand partners and social audit partners to understand how our artisans are struggling, and how we can best impact their lives. From helping to pay for their children’s school tuition, to helping them build a home or relocating their families so they no longer need to be separated.
It is a depressing truth that many children no longer want to learn the skills of their parents, they see no viability in the trade of jewelry making or leather work, because the small artisans can’t keep up with the growing landscape of the fashion industry, technology and global markets. Illiteracy is severe and pay is low, exploited by middlemen who overcharge for cheap quality materials and demand payment from the artisans all make it nearly impossible for the artisans to survive and make a living for their families.
Our goal is to uplift these artisan communities that are suffering, regenerate interest and ensure that their children once again feel proud to labor in these trades. We want to preserve their culture and beautiful history, some dating back 20 generations or more. Guaranteeing that our children can enjoy, appreciate and part take in a past that is carried with us throughout history. Gaia Amore is giving our artisans an opportunity to work in their trade, using the skills passed down through their families, while we market on their behalf, sell their products globally and grow as a brand in the technology space, to sell their products and their designs to patrons who are keen to part take in a millennial old tradition, while facing the future as a unique individual with a sense of style, compassion and conscientious impactful mindset.
Join our community to meet our artisans, understand how your purchase directly impacts them and their families and how you can work with us to learn more about India, Kashmir and other culturally rich artisan communities just waiting to show you how amazing they are!
Be a part of our community. Help save the rural artisan and give your purchase a purpose, while we give you access to our artisans and keep you updated on their progress. We hope you enjoy the amazing art that they continue to produce thanks to your continued love and support.
Thank you,

Catherine Hinderman

CEO - Gaia Amore

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