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Artisan Impact

Gaia Amore is on a mission to uplift and preserve artisan communities globally. 
 38 year old Nivedhan lives in Tamil Nadu with is 22 year old son   Navaneethkrishnan.
 Nivedhan has a lot of debt for a land lease due to his landlord over the next 25 years of which only 7 years are paid for. He is struggling financially and has no way to repay the entire amount or ability to leave anything of value for his son upon his passing.
 Nivedhan dreams of employing others, to expand his business and create a legacy to leave his son. Navaneethkrishnan has chosen to follow in his father's footsteps, and wants to carry on the tradition and live on to create beautiful jewelry grounded in history, tradition and culture.
He worked on the beautiful Emerald, Turquoise and Silver Soul Mate - Anandamayee earring. So named for the universal search for the ultimate soul mate. A signature of the Gaia Amore brand. Crafted in the traditional skill of Kundan, dating back an estimated 2500 years and originating in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 
Gaia Amore is committed on working with Nivedhan to make his dreams come true, to preserve his family's cultural contributions and ensure their family has a future to aspire to and take pride in.
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