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Meet Our Team

Gaia Amore was established in 2020 with the mission of creating a platform where luxury handcrafted artisan products are sold to patrons globally whose priorities focus on the people behind the products.
We believe that by putting people first and removing the veil of ambiguity found in traditional brands, we're able to bring our patrons closer to our artisans and create a community of patrons who value handcrafted products, by artisans who labor in the arts and crafts of traditions that span centuries.
Our mission is to slow down production of fashion, create value to each and every purchase our patrons make and connect our patrons to the people who make the products they treasure and love.  

Catherine Hinderman


Catherine, originally from Sweden, moved to the US at age 10 and had always been passionate about international travel, experiencing foreign cultures personally, and continuing her polyglot journey. She studied French, Italian, and Chinese before traveling to India. This journey led to a deep connection with Indian culture and history, laying the foundation for Gaia Amore. Her mission was deeply rooted in fairness and the preservation of culture, lamenting how much of our cultural heritage has faded into history. Realizing that her love for fashion, history, and culture perfectly matched the goal of building a luxury brand, she aimed to preserve and revive artisan skills based on generational knowledge.

During her discussions with early potential partners, Catherine found significant synchronicity between their purposes. The strict requirements for transparency and authenticity in these relationships highlighted a unique business model that matched her personality. Driven by a desire to help others, she embarked on a mission to design a brand that prioritizes people. Her travels often brought emotional challenges, especially when learning about the struggles of artisans and their families. Yet, it's this empathy that validates Gaia Amore and motivates Catherine every day.

As the brand nears its second year of business, its ambitions have evolved, now including ventures in the Metaverse with digital fashion and a digital store, alongside working on the 2023 fashion collection. The team looks forward to many collaborations and partnerships in the brand’s future, always striving for greater transparency in the supply chain. The goal is to build a community of patrons who value hand-crafted goods and are keen to know who makes their clothes, shoes, and accessories. They are committed to cherishing artisans whose unique crafts and skills are treasured by a global community. This approach aims to change how we value our products, encouraging purchases that are loved and treasured for a very long time.
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