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About The Artisan

Sendhamil is a 56-year-old artisan with 2 children. The pandemic caused severe economic hardship which exacerbated their financial situation. Sometimes unable to feed his family for many days at a time, his neighbours have helped feed them. Sendhamil bears the guilt of the promise he made to his wife for a better life when they married.

His family currently has a very low standard of living, and he dreams of a better life. To be able to afford mild comforts to improve their lives however slightly.

Gaia Amore is committed to working with our partner to ensure that Sendhamil can afford to present his wife with jewellery that she can wear proudly and ensure that he can keep his wife happy. We also aim to help with their family home to ensure they are comfortable and secure.

Product Details

  • Cut Stone: Turquoise
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Size: L: 4.0 cm W: 1.7 cm D: 0.7 cm
  • Weight of Earrings (grams): 25

A unique set of earrings, the art of one kind that will set you apart. Wear them for a night or an hour and you'll feel the might of the soul partners around you. 

As sacred symbols of peace, mental strength, and power, we believe the silver elephant adorn in Kempu stones and white pearl is the perfect staple for the modern woman expressing her passion for ancient wisdom.